There’s a guy in my neighborhood who dresses like Jesus Christ. He walks around Fountain, in Hollywood, just doin’ his thing - petting dogs and saying “hi” to everyone. Jesus My Neighbor, and most of the people in L.A., are pretty great. I’m super lucky to know a lot of smart, kind, weird and…

I laughed at the video this responds to, but also, I agree with this. 

How about all the shitty things about dudes in LA if I were to make generalizations? Things like guys who assume you will sleep with them if they tell you how successful they are or they show you their car or talk about how much they make? And I can definitely think of more guys than girls who were living off their parents’ money… not that it’s the worst thing in the world, but they do make it a point that “all girls” in LA fall into this category. And my very favorite, the reason I left LA and will not return until I’m doing well enough to be secure, is the attitude from many people that you, as a girl or guy, if YOU are poor and not doing very well, or at least very, very hot, that you are beneath this other person. Regardless of whether or not they are in the same position.

Moreover, I spent most of my time in LA (post college) sleeping with guys who had no cars, no phones, slept in their office/on the floor/in the spare bedroom of a family, worked “freelance” or were trying to “make it” aka had no jobs. Because I am “so LA,” LA enough to be shallow, and they were all really, REALLY cute.